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Unwind with our unique Japanese massage technique - Shiatsu. Using palms and elbows to apply pressure on specific points, guiding the flow of qi along energy pathways to alleviate pain and tension. We select personalized hair care products from a premium Italian brand to enhance the health and beauty of your hair.


HEADSPA 30 – Hair wash, Nourish Dry and Damaged Hair                 

30’       190.000đ

HEADSPA 60 – Hair Wash + Neck&Shoulder Massage 20’                   

60’       380.000đ

HEADSPA 75               75’       590.000đ

[Hair Wash Deep Stress Relief – Skincare Christina Biophyto + Neck&Shoulder Massage]


Enriched with aromatherapy, luxuriate in the captivating Damascus rose, sweet orange, and delicate cedarwood scents, or discover the scents aligned with your zodiac group. Each touch is a soothing melody, harmoniously melting away tension and stress. Be ready to redefine how you experience massage at our haven of tranquility.


Eudaimonia Foot Hot Stones Massage with Elle’B Oil                           

60’       550.000đ

Eudaimonia Neck&Shoulder Hot Stones Massage with Elle’B Oil         

60’       550.000đ

Body Massage with Premium Element Oil                                               

60’       680.000đ

Body Hot Stones Massage with Premium Element Oil                            

75’       780.000đ

Vietnamese Traditional Herbal Carpet Body Massage with Premium Element Oil

90’       940.000đ

DEEPSLEEP – Not only your body but your mind and soul

Using Tranquillity from Comfort Zone and aromatherapy, this unique massage induces a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation in every cell. Immerse yourself in the enchanting scents of Damascus rose, sweet orange, and delicate cedar wood for a truly blissful peace.


Deepsleep Ritual Spa – Tranquillity 5*                                                   

60’       780.000đ

Deepsleep Ritual Spa & Body Scrub – Tranquillity 5*                           

90’       980.000đ


Tailored to soothe our weary wanderer, our exclusive healing combo at Elle'B is designed to revive and rejuvenate. Indulge in a harmonious blend of treatments, easing travel fatigue and restoring vitality. Experience a personalized journey of relaxation to replenish your energy and restore balance.


Combo 1: Foot Massage 45’ + HEADSPA 60                                            

105’   750.000đ

Combo 2: Foot Massage 45’ + HEADSPA 75                                            

120’   940.000đ

Combo 3 (for Departure): Body Massage with Hot Stones 75’ + HEADSPA 30   

105’   730.000đ

Combo 4 (for Arrival): Deepsleep Tranquillity 60’ + HEADSPA 30          

90'    870.000đ


5* Resort Skincare & Facial Treatment

Sensitive Skin Treatment - REMEDY SOOTHING #1                     

60’            750.000đ

Nourish and soothe sensitive skin with a touch of elegance. Our skilled therapists employ pilates techniques to enhance the soothing effect, leaving your skin pampered and serene.


Anti-dehydration & Premature Aging - HYDRAMEMORY            

90’           1.650.000đ

Defy dehydration and premature aging with our ice roller. Experience intense hydration, deep moisturization, and skin renewal, unveiling a lifted and youthful appearance.


Pro Acne Skin Treatment - Pro Clear Peel                                        

75’            1.840.000đ

An advanced treatment that includes deep cleansing, oil control, and a regenerative boost to promote clearer, healthier skin.


Personalize Skin Treatment - Ultimate Active                                   

80’           2.530.000đ

Transform your skincare ritual into a symphony of elegance with our personalized treatment encompassing healing, deep cleansing, renewal, moisturizing, and a face-lift using Pilates techniques.


Nails Care:

Manicure / Pedicure                                 60.000đ

Gel/Acrylic Removal                               40.000đ – 60.000đ

CND Regular                                           150.000đ

CND Shellac Gel Polish                          300.000đ 

Korean Luxury Gel Polish                       250.000đ


Eyeslash Services: 

Eyelash Tint (black)                     110.000đ

Lash Lift                                       280.000đ

Classic Lash                                 320.000đ

Premium 2-3D Lash                     370.000 đ